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Ignore My Heart
by Stranger To Stranger
from Darkest Dreams

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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:42
by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Tender Prey 3:45
Place In The Country
by Adam Ant
Friend Or Foe 2:50
Romantic Traffic
by Spoons
Collectible Spoons 3:33
So Good Today
by Woodentops, The
Giant 3:00
by Bob
Convenience (12" Single) 3:29
What I Like About You
by Romantics, The
The Romantics 2:55
by Echo And The Bunnymen
Porcupine 4:48
Kiss Off
by Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes; 2:54
She Was Someone
by Our Daughter's Wedding
Nightlife - The Collection 3:06
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
by Sorrows
Love Too Late 3:50
You Know (You'll Never Believe)
by Fatal Charm
Endangered Species 3:01
Can't Make Love
by Wall Of Voodoo
The Index Masters 3:46
Swallow It
by Fad Gadget
Incontinent 5:43
Circle Line
by Rodney Allen
Circle Line (Single) 3:21
Get Back Down
by 54.40
Show Me 4:13
Happily Unemployed
by Gruppo Sportivo
Married With Singles 2:26
Nuclear Boy
by 20-20
Look Out! 3:21
The Ashes and the Tears
by River Detectives
Saturday Night Sunday Morning 3:06
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
All That I Wanted
by Belfegore
Belfegore 4:13
Cool City
by Danny Elfman
So-Lo 3:25
Big In Japan
by Alphaville
Forever Young 3:55
by Ultravox
Lament 4:19
Sense Of Purpose
by Sound, The
From The Lions Mouth 3:52
Europe In The Rain
by Man Go Fish
Man Go Fish 3:55
Tears Of A Clown
by Beat, The
I Just Can?t Stop It 2:38
Man In Someone Else's Skin
by John Watts
The Iceberg Model 2:54
Local Girls
by Graham Parker
Squeezing Out Sparks 3:40
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:36
I Don't Know Why I Love You
by House Of Love
The House Of Love 1990 3:29
The Outsider
by Prime Movers
The Prime Movers 3:34
25 Pills
by 28th Day
28th Day 3:23
Change Your Mind
by Sharpe & Numan
Automatic 4:12
The Tunnel of Love
by Fun Boy Three
Waiting 3:08
When The Truth Is Found
by Tommy Keene
Places That Are Gone 3:03
Got Soul
by Blades, The
The Last Man In Europe 3:16
Deep Down South
by Weathermen
Ten Deadly Kisses 5:09
I Wanna Go Steady With You
by Now, The
The Now 1:59
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
The Best Film He Ever Made
by Sad Lovers And Giants
Cow Boys (Single B-Side) 4:41
(Whatever Happened To) Alice?
by Rosemary's Children
Southern Fields (Single B-Side) 3:33
Blue Emotion
by Fiat Lux
Hired History 4:48
Never Too Late To Love You (Kissing The Mix)
by Kissing The Pink
Never Too Late To Love You (12" Single) 5:15
Let's Start A Rumour
by Wonders Of Science, The
The Record Of The Same Name 2:27
People Gone
by Corn Dollies, The
Map Of The World (Single B-Side) 2:23
by Courage Of Lassie
The Temptation To Exist 5:06
Who Knows What Love Is
by Strawberry Switchblade
Strawberry Switchblade 3:45
The Shining Path
by Shriekback
Big Night Music 4:36