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Out Of My Hands
by Died Pretty
from Lost

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Someone To Love
by Rita Mitsouko
The No Comprendo 3:01
Out Of Mind Out Of Sight
by Models
The Essential Hits 3:37
You Can Call Me Al
by Paul Simon
Graceland 4:36
by U2
The Unforgettable Fire 6:09
by Stranglers
Aural Sculpture 4:14
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:42
by Killing Joke
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns 5:51
80s Forever Radio
by request @
80s Forever Radio 0:05
Swamp Thing
by Chameleons, The
Strange Times 5:56
Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans)
by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Architecture & Morality 4:13
80s Forever Radio
by request @
80s Forever Radio 0:04
I've Come For My Award
by Beautiful South, The
Choke 3:09
Hyacinth Girl
by Winter Hours
Wait Till The Morning 4:30
Let's All Make A Bomb
by Heaven 17
Penthouse And Pavement 4:07
Another Satellite
by XTC
Skylarking 4:15
Ten Fingers
by Pursuit Of Happiness
Love Junk 2:52
Go Insane
by Lindsey Buckingham
Go Insane 3:05
People Lie
by J.J. Cale
#8 2:11
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:28
Help You Ann
by Lyres
On Fyre 2:30
Talking To You
by Transmission
7" Single Talking To You 3:02
Them, Big Oak Trees
by Wonder Stuff, The
Hup 3:08
Sense Sickness
by Del Amitri
Sense Sickness (7" Single) 2:51
Love Song
by Simple Minds
Sons and Fascination 5:03
Buzz Buzz Buzz
by Primitives, The
Lovely 2:02
Station ID John Watts
by John Watts
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:05
All The Critics Love U Int New York
by Prince
1999 6:03
Summer Of Love
by B-52's
Bouncing Off The Satellites 4:06
Walking Through Heaven
by Chris & Cosey
Songs Of Love & Lust 5:12
Man O'Sand To Girl O'Sea
by Go-Betweens, The
Spring Hill Fair 3:22
Smart Boy
by Akrylykz
Small Boy - Single 4:18
Collapsing New People
by Fad Gadget
Gag 4:06
The Mole From The Ministry
by Dukes Of Stratosphear
Chips From The Chocolate Fireball 4:42
Number One
by Joni Mitchell
Chalk Mark In A Rainstorm 3:47
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:31
I Got A Feeling
by Chris Spedding
I'm Not Like Everybody Else 2:59
New Flood
by Little Nemo
Sounds In The Attic 4:15
Falling Masonry
by Dubious Brothers, The
Absolute Bethlehem 3:22
Fall Down (Like The Rain)
by Mighty Lemon Drops
World Without End 3:43
10:15 Saturday Night
by Cure, The
Boys Don't Cry 3:38
Music To Watch Girls By
by Higsons, The
The Curse Of The Higsons 2:48
Hot Summer
by Lonely Boys
Lonely Boys 2:36
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
Still Get By
by Long Ryders, The
Native Sons 2:50
by Johnny Warman
Walking Into Mirrors 2:30
At Least for Now
by Posies
Failure 3:36
Miss Gradenko
by Police, The
Synchronicity 2:00
I Love My Leather Jacket
by Chills, The
Kaleidoscope World 2:58
The Passion Of Love
by Boys Brigade
Boys Brigade 3:43