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Something About You
by Re-Flex
from The Politics Of Dancing

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Stay With Me
by Winter Hours
Winter Hours 3:33
Heartache Feeds Heartache
by A Drop In The Gray
Certain Sculptures 4:12
by Stars That Wouldn't Shine
The Stars That Wouldn't Shine 2:49
Love, Love
by Wire Train
Between Two Words 3:14
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:35
Burning Bush
by Savage Progress
Celebration 3:54
Strange Affair
by Passions
Thirty Thousand Feet Over China 3:29
Turning Up The Heat
by Any Trouble
Where Are All the Nice Girls? 2:59
Love Less
by New Order
Technique 3:04
The Road To Happiness
by Lilac Time
The Lilac Time 4:02
by Boomtown Rats
In The Long Grass 4:30
The Innocents
by Parachute Men
The Innocents 3:09
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
New Religion
by Duran Duran
Rio 5:32
Hold On To Me
by Black Sorrows
Hold On To Me 3:50
by Zaza
Zaza 3:57
by Siouxsie And The Banshees
Once Upon A Time - The Singles 3:01
I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse
by Paul Young
The Secret Of Association 4:46
Catch me I'm falling (Extended Version)
by Real Life
12" 5:51
It's All In The Game
by Carmel
Everybody's Got A Little... Soul 3:57
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
All The Way
by Hoodoo Gurus
Magnum Cum Louder 3:09
by Bram Tchaikovsky
The Russians Are Coming 2:44
by Spandau Ballet
Diamond 3:32
Come To My Aid
by Simply Red
Picture Book 4:05
by Fields Of The Nephilim
The Nephilim 5:40
by Bangles
Different Light 3:21
Pictures Of You
by Oingo Boingo
Good For Your Soul 4:03
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:29
You Got It (Release It)
by Pearl Harbor and the Explosions
Pearl Harbor and the Explosions 2:30
I'll Sail This Ship Alone
by Beautiful South
Welcome To The Beautiful South 4:06
I Really Do Love Penelope
by Hey Paulette
Long Ball Into Nowhere 3:00
Johnny Come Lately
by Steve Earle
Copperhead Road 4:06
Armchair Theatre
by Colourfield
Virgins And Philistines 4:59
Young Mountain
by Tim Finn
Tim Finn 4:17
Mad world
by Tears For Fears
The Hurting 3:29
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:19
The Days Of A Champion
by Thinkman
The Formula 4:38
The Chase
by Propaganda
A Secret Wish 3:52
Piece Of The Times
by Boom Boom Room
Stretch 3:27
What She Said
by Smiths
Meat Is Murder 2:40
Don't Tell Me Lies (Extended Version)
by Breathe
Don't Tell Me Lies 5:35
Tragedy And Mystery
by China Crisis
Working With Fire And Steel 4:02
by Bolshoi, The
Giants EP 3:48
We Keep The 80s Alive
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:14
Endangered Species I
by Fatal Charm
Endangered Species 4:12
Born Again
by Christians, The
The Best Of 5:21
Fall In Line
by Blue Rodeo
Diamond Mine 2:24
by Sinceros
Pet Rock 3:40
Just A Touch
by R.E.M.
Life's Rich Pageant 3:00