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Lost Time
by Plimsouls, The
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Blow Away
by Spoons
Arias & Symphonies 5:57
I Won't Lie
by Pencils, The
The Pencils 3:28
Shock Therapy
by Spongetones, The
Torn Apart EP 3:13
by Split Enz
Waiata 3:01
Whistle In The Yard
by Here Today
Whistle In The Yard (7" Single) 4:35
Too Shy
by KajaGooGoo
White Feathers 3:42
Atmosphere Is Fading
by Childsupport
IS 3:51
Suport Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:30
The Hardest Walk
by Jesus And Mary Chain
Psychocandy 3:11
The Beat Goes On
by Crooks, The
Just Released 2:49
by Parade Ground
Cut Up 3:55
Freedom Bound
by Rave Ups
Book Of Your Regrets 2:48
Silent Treatment
by Bangles
All Over The Place 2:06
Light Fades
by Bridge, The
Face Down Everybody Looks The Same (1984-1988) 5:59
Will You Spin For Me?
by Shoes
Shilouette 2:55
Love Is A Sign
by Go-Betweens, The
16 Lovers Lane 4:13
by House Of Love
A Spy In The House Of Love 3:23
Suport Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:05
Spinning Me Round
by Modern English
Ricochet Days 4:51
by Courage Of Lassie
The Temptation To Exist 5:06
Not My Only Friend
by Teardrop Explodes, The
Everybody Wants To Shag... 2:54
by Sisters Of Mercy
First And Last And Always 4:49
My Mistake
by Kingbees
The Kingbees 2:55
by Anne Clark
Pressure Points 3:55
On The Beach (Feat. Joey Ramone)
by Rattlers, The
On The Beach (7" Single) 3:00
The Motion Of Love
by Gene Loves Jezebel
The House Of Dolls 3:52
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
by Clash, The
Combat Rock 3:10
Suport Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:07
Just A Sound In The Night
by Rational Youth
Cold War Night Life 5:08
by Art Of Noise
In Visible Silence 4:46
Blow Wind From Alesund
by Interview
Big Oceans 2:58
by Passage, The
Wave (12" Single) 2:56
Big Green Car
by Polecats
Polecats Are Go! 1:58
I Predict
by Sparks
Angst In My Pants 2:50
Off And On
by Windbreakers, The
Terminal 3:03
The Drowning Man
by Cure, The
Faith 4:50
Wheels Over Indian Trails
by Stanton Miranda
Wheels Over Indian Trails (12" Single) 4:55
Suport Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:36
Stars On Fire
by John Foxx
In Mysterious Ways 4:52
Warm leatherette
by Grace Jones
Warm leatherette 5:38
Mean To Me
by Crowded House
Crowded House 3:14
Who' ll Stop The Rain
by Heaven 17
The Luxury Gap 3:03
Let's Go Round There
by Darling Buds, The
Pop Said 3:24
Situation Comedy Blues
by Momus
The Poison Boyfriend 3:46
by Killing Joke
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns 4:42
Straight Lines
by New Musik
From A To B 5:00
Summer Spies (Extended Mix)
by Fatal Charm
Summer Spies 12" Single 7:04
Suport Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:32
Flying Under Radar
by Jerry Harrison
Walk On Water 3:49
Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy
by Kid Creole & The Coconuts
Cre-Olé - The Best Of 3:50