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With One Look
by Rupert Hine & Cy Curnin
from Better Off Dead - Original Soundtrack

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Let My Love Open The Door by Pete Townshend

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Night Train
by Steve Winwood
Arc of a Diver 7:50
(Millions Of People) No One Like You
by Pete Shelley
XL1 4:07
Big Hollow Man
by Danielle Dax
Dark Adapted Eye 4:47
Over There
by Connells, The
Boylan Heights 3:29
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:36
Halcyon Days (12" Version)
by One Thousand Violins
Halcyon Days 12" Single 3:30
Playground Of Privilege
by Time UK
Playground Of Privilege 2:47
Love Is A Stranger
by Eurythmics
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 3:41
Athletic Dan
by Frank Allison & The Odd Sox
Monkey Business 3:19
Anywhere But Home
by Caretaker Race, The
Anywhere But Home (12" Single) 4:03
Deep Water
by Strawberry Switchblade
Strawberry Switchblade 3:57
Sat In Your Lap
by Kate Bush
The Dreaming 3:30
Hand In Glove
by Smiths, The
The Smiths 3:23
by Boomtown Rats
In The Long Grass 4:30
Tropical Fish
by Elevators
Frontline 3:07
Starry Blue-Eyed Wonder
by Icicle Works
Blind 4:12
Bring Back the Rain
by Flying Color
Flying Color 2:26
Immortal In Mirrors
by Stranger Than Fiction
Hicks From The Sticks 3:17
Something's Happening
by Headboys, The
The Lost Album 3:46
Razor Walk
by Blue Aeroplanes
World View Blue 3:12
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:36
Open Your Eyes
by Dreams So Real
Rough Night In Jericho 3:48
You'll Never Know
by Comsat Angels, The
Chasing Shadows 4:57
From Ay To Bee
by Camouflage
Voices & Images 4:37
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
by U2
The Joshua Tree 4:38
Keep Looking
by Sade
Stronger Than Pride 5:20
by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Crush 3:56
Too Much Pressure
by Selecter
Too Much Pressure 3:50
Where I Lay, I'll Lie
by Lowlife
Eternity Road (Best Of) 3:53
Unusual Girl
by Darius And The Magnets
In The Valley Of Dreams 3:30
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:41
by R.E.M.
Life's Rich Pageant 2:51
Little Birds
by Guadalcanal Diary
2X4 4:00
The Broken Years
by Hipsway
The Honeythief 3:15
Heavenly Pop Hit
by Chills, The
Submarine Bells 3:29
Carry Home
by Gun Club
Miami 3:11
Ever Any Reason
by Manual Scan
Manual Scan 1:17
by Rainmakers
Tornado 4:31
Crosseyed And Painless
by Talking Heads
Remain In Light 4:47
Les Ecorchés
by Noir Desir
Veuillez Rendre L'Ame 4:10
support us
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:32
Come Summer
by Fra Lippo Lippi
Songs 3:38
One Thing Leads To Another
by Fixx, The
Reach The Beach 3:20
World Without Walls
by Martini Ranch feat. Cindy Wilson
Holy Cow 5:13
by Chris Spedding
Friday The 13th 2:53
by Spongetones, The
Where-Ever-Land 4:06
Bauhaus Chair
by Nits
Nest 2:44
Sport For All
by Farmer's Boys, The
With These Hands 3:55
Purple Toupee
by They Might Be Giants
Lincoln 2:36
Eastern Promise
by Any Trouble
Wheels In Motion 3:34