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Garden Of Delight (Hereafter)
by Mission, The
from Gods Own Medicine

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by Art Of Noise
Below The Waste 5:29
Down But Not Yet Out
by Felt
Forever Breathes The Lonely Word 3:39
Buffalo Gals
by Malcolm McLaren
Duck Rock 4:22
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:42
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together
by Morrissey
Viva Hate 1:38
Life In A Northern Town
by Dream Academy, The
The Dream Academy 4:17
For Your Information
by Comsat Angels, The
Fiction 4:35
Strange Fruit
by Siouxsie And The Banshees
Through The Looking Glass 3:27
It Can Be Done
by Redskins
Neither Washington Nor Moscow 3:46
A Sense of Freedom
by Armoury Show
Waiting for the Floods 4:03
Thousands Are Sailing
by Pogues, The
If I Should Fall From Grace With God 5:18
Your Love
by Outfield
Best Of 3:43
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:38
by Dead Can Dance
Dead Can Dance 3:31
Hungry So Angry
by Medium Medium
The Glitterhouse 3:55
by Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me 2:05
by Wild Swans
Bringing Home The Ashes 3:21
Wenesday Girl
by Jetset, The
There Goes The Neighbourhood! 2:28
Good Year For The Roses
by Elvis Costello
Almost Blue 3:08
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:39
I Dream Of Wires
by Robert Palmer
Clues 4:33
Expect A Miracle Today
by Something Pretty Beautiful
Freefall (Single B-Side) 3:14
I Will Say No
by Paul Collins Beat
The Kids Are The Same 4:52
Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
by Cowboy Junkies
The Caution Horses 3:55
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:04
I Believe In Miracles
by Ramones
Brain Drain 3:21
Bedspring Kiss
by Jellyfish
Bellybutton 4:50
by Gary Numan
Metal Rhythm 4:30
Agent Orange
by Ski Patrol
Agent Orange 4:18
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:30
Swords Of A Thousand Men
by Tenpole Tudor
Eddie, Old Bob, Dick And Gary 2:56
Don't Ask Me
by A Flock Of Seagulls
A Flock Of Seagulls 2:46
Laughing & Crying
by Cry, The
Quick Quick Slow 4:06
This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) Feat. Laurie Anderson
by Peter Gabriel
So 4:06
Allow Me (To Destroy You)
by Tommy Mandel
Tommy Mandel 3:57
My Old Cortina
by Gruppo Sportivo
Married With Singles 3:05
Blessed Days
by Then Jerico
First (The Sound Of Music) 3:46
Really Saying Something
by Fun Boy Three
Really Saying Something (Single) 2:43
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by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:31
She Is Mine
by Psychedelic Furs
Talk Talk Talk 3:51
In My Car
by Sneetches, The
Lights Out! With The Sneetches 3:02
by XTC
Mummer 4:11
Man Of Colours
by Icehouse
Man Of Colours 5:04
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80s Forever Radio 0:05
Tragic Comedy
by Immaculate Fools
Dumb Poet 4:17
The White Hotel
by Ian McCulloch
Candleland 3:09
80s Forever Radio
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80s Forever Radio 0:05
The Ashes and the Tears
by River Detectives
Saturday Night Sunday Morning 3:06
South Of Love
by Friends Again
Trapped And Unwrapped 3:25
Know Your Rights
by Clash, The
Combat Rock 3:35