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Money's Too Tight To Mention (Extended Version)
by Simply Red
Money's Too Tight To Mention (12" Single) 6:12
Ever So Lonely
by Monsoon
Monsoon (Featuring Sheila Chandra) 6:16
Love Action (I Believe In Love)
by Human League
Dare 3:51
Street Cafe
by Icehouse
Primitive Man 4:13
A Forest
by Cure, The
Seventeen Seconds 5:55
Nothing Can Come Between Us
by Sade
Stronger Than Pride 4:21
We Keep The 80s Alive
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:05
Armchair Theatre
by Colourfield
Virgins And Philistines 4:59
by Luxuria
Unanswerable Lust 5:30
Dear Friend
by Flying Color
Flying Color 4:15
Won't You Hold My Hand Now
by King
Steps In Time 3:12
The Hard Way
by Knack
Retrospective: The Best Of The Knack 2:12
by Stan Ridgway
The Big Heat 7:04
Downtown Train
by Tom Waits
Rain Dogs 3:53
Support Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:31
Quite Unusual
by Front 242
Official Version 3:43
I've Got a Minature Secret Camera
by Peter Murphy
Love Hysteria 4:26
Next To X
by System 56
Retrospective: 1982-84 3:58
Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)
by Eight Seconds
Almacantar 4:07
I Together
by Latin Quarter
Mick And Caroline 3:51
King Of Pain
by Police
Synchronicity 4:59
Deep Fascination
by Feelies
Only Life 4:07
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:36
Lonely In Your Nightmare
by Duran Duran
Rio 3:50
Where Your Eyes Don't Go
by They Might Be Giants
Lincoln 3:02
Freedom Bound
by Rave Ups
Book Of Your Regrets 2:48
No Big Deal
by Love And Rockets
Love and Rockets 4:58
Into The Heart
by U2
Boy 3:27
Church Of The Poison Mind
by Culture Club
Colour By Numbers 3:30
Cruise Missiles
by Fischer-Z
Red Skies Over Paradise 4:20
We Keep The 80s Alive
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:07
Watch the World
by Little Heroes
Watch the World 4:53
Steady On
by Shawn Colvin
Steady On 4:58
Saturday Night Sunday Morning
by River Detectives
Saturday Night Sunday Morning 3:58
Blue And Grey Shirt
by American Music Club
California 3:33
Support Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:35
She's a Runaway
by BoDeans
The Best of BoDeans - Slash and Burn 3:37
See A Little Light
by Bob Mould
Workbook 3:32
If I Had A Rocket Launcher
by Bruce Cockburn
Stealing Fire 4:57
Bobby Solo
by Nits
New Flat 2:07
You Are The One
by A-Ha
Stay On These Roads 3:47
Russian Sun
by Twelve Drummers Drumming
Where The Wild Buffalo Roams 5:11
The More You Live, the More You Love (7'' remix)
by A Flock Of Seagulls
The Story Of A Young Heart 4:13
This Charming Man (12" Version)
by Smiths
12" Single This Charming Man 5:31
by Cramps, The
Off The Bone 3:30
by Replacements
Pleased To Meet Me 2:05
Support Us @
by 80s Forever
80s Forever 0:33
Side With Him
by Reluctant Stereotypes feat. Paul King
The Label 2:27
Your Master Is Calling
by Pink Turns Blue
Meta 7:43
Save It
by Immaculate Fools
Hearts Of Fortune 3:38